Desarrollo de Equipos Industriales

Desarrollo de Equipos Industriales S.A. (D.E.I.S.A.), began its industrial activity at the end of 1998. The business units include equipment and plants of sorting and treatment for urban and industrial solid waste, forestry shredders and renewable energies, solid fertilizers, bulk transports and large metallic structures.
With more than two decades of experience, DEISA has more than 220 MSW sorting and recovery plants designed and installed in Argentina and South America, in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Among the most outstanding plants we can mention large environmental complexes such as Avellaneda, Paraná, Rosario, Ezeiza (to see more outstanding works click here). All of them are large turnkey projects in which our company is in charge of everything from project development to start-up and training of plant operators.
Our industry is located in a great technological progress area, motivated by the environmental tendency to care for and preserve the environment we live in. There are also social factors that mobilize our clients to invest in this type of products, since these plants work as creators of more dignified and registered jobs that are occupied by “cartoneros”, i.e. informal garbage collection workers.

In the solid fertilizers market we have very important works in mechanization of reception, conditioning and dispatch of solid fertilizers, in large Engineering Works and in particular, in the Renewable Energies area, DEISA designed and built the biodigester located in the city of Merlo (San Luis), being this the only experience in Argentina of Electricity Generation from the processing of the Organic Fraction of MSW.

The challenges faced by DEISA have grown and far exceeded expectations. With the work Recovery and Improvement of the General Belgrano Railway, once again DEISA has demonstrated its potential, this time in Road and Structural Works with the restoration and enhancement of three Railway Bridges located in Monje, Villa La Rivera and Granadero Baigorria, opening the way to new business units.

Our company’s trajectory and performance was distinguished in the 2017 edition of the PYME Awards, a joint initiative of Clarín and Banco Galicia, which aims to recognize and distinguish Micro, Small and Medium-sized Companies for their contribution to the economic and social development of our country, where we were winners in the High Social and Environmental Impact category. In 2018, we were awarded with the Exportar prize, organized by the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (AAICI) in the triple impact category, which highlights companies that, with their activity, generate a high social, economic and environmental impact.
DEISA pursues excellence and follows a strategy of continuous expansion and innovation towards new markets and new products. It is a constant in our company the development of new equipment oriented to solve the dynamic and changing needs of our customers. Such is the level of innovation that in Latin America the standards in waste treatment have been created by DEISA.

Mission: To provide integral solutions of applied engineering for the treatment of MSW, bulk material handling and shredding of forest products, with an innovative concept, in a market with increasing environmental demands.
Vision: To represent the best technological alternative for our customers.

Since 1998


More than 20 years of experience in the industry

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ISO 9001:2015

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Clarín-Galicia Award 2017

SME with the greatest environmental and social impact

Exportar Award 2018

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