Rotochopper Shredders

Rotochopper MP2

Technical Specifications

The MP-2 is compact enough to be towed by a two-ton truck, yet sophisticated enough to grind and color the waste at the same time with Rotochopper’s “Perfect In One Pass” technology.

Weight: 12000 to 14500 kg.

Mouth: 1400 x 457 mm

Power: 350 HP

Diesel engine

Length: 10,5 m

Width: 3,15 m

Height: 3,6 m

Rotochopper MC266

Technical Specifications

Highly portable and highly equipped.

Customers around the world depend on the MC-266 for its ability to produce high quality finished products from a variety of raw materials: colored pallet mulch, animal bedding, garden waste compost and much more.

Weight: 19500 kg approx.

Mouth: 1670 x 457 mm

Power: 540 HP

Diesel engine

Length: 15,75 m

Width: 3,9 m

Height: 5,17 m

Rotochopper EC366

Technical Specifications

The standard for mid-size grinder efficiency.

As the third generation of the long popular EC series, the EC-366 continues to raise the standard for uptime and efficiency that we set with the first Rotochopper electric grinder.

Weight: approx. 12700 kg

Mouth: 1670 x 457 mm

Power: 500 HP

Electric Motor

Length: 11,3 m

Width: 3,9 m

Height: 2,7 m