Plastic washing and shredding

Plants for plastic washing and crushing are sized according to the characteristics, needs and requirements of the processors.

With our experience we can indicate that all plants are different, requiring an important previous analysis in order to size the appropriate plant to meet the needs of the processors.

With its technical knowledge, technological innovation and proven experience, DEISA guarantees to provide you with a project that fits your needs, both in terms of technology and budget.

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Agrochemical container treatment plants

Plastic washing and shredding system can be adapted and upgraded for the treatment of agrochemical containers by adding a triple washing system.


Scope: HDPE agrochemical drums up to 20lts.

Participating institutions: INTEC (UNL/CONICET)

Triple washing for agrochemical containers

All sizes and powers



Low investment requirement

Moderate energy demand

Reduced logistic costs

Control of effluents generated

Quality of recyclable material produced

Flexibility for different kinds of packaging