Pallet Shredder DEISA TG

Pallet shredders are recommended for the recycling and integral utilization of industrial wood waste.

They are manufactured to meet high operational requirements. The processed material obtained is ideal for use as alternative fuel, composting, pelletizing or briquetting compaction processes, among others at the simple request and decision of the end user. The optional incorporation of magnetic separators allows working with wood with metallic contaminants, obtaining a product free of them. The feeding of branches and residues can be done by means of cranes with hydraulically controlled clamps or optionally by means of loaders or forklifts.

They are suitable for industrial applications and heavy recycling of material with metal contamination or small aggregates. Among the models are the TG2000M, driven by an internal combustion engine, and the TG2000E, driven by an electric motor; both have a rotating feed drum and a large inlet, which allows the processing of large materials. DEISA offers its customers the most advanced technology, experience and quality, as well as personalized advice and after-sales service. Rigorous interpretation of particular requirements, precision engineering, high capacity workshops, result in robust equipment suitable for every need.