Maintenance and After Sales Service

We have a deep commitment to direct attention as the basis of customer satisfaction.

Our human capital, the available technology, our industrial infrastructure, the manufacturing under standards, the internal controls, the accuracy of the manuals, user training, our permanent assistance, build the best formulation to generate robust equipment with technical support, that assure a long useful life of our works.

We have the resources and technical capacity to assist all our clients, guaranteeing a correct and sustainable operation of DEISA equipment and plants.

For those works that are in operation, we provide the following services:

Diagnosis of equipment maintenance systems

Current diagnosis of the equipment

Corrective Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Original spare parts

To request spare parts, please indicate the serial number of the equipment, you can find it on the nameplate of the equipment.

Contact DEISA

Telephone: [54] 3492 – 506017 / 578382 – Services
E-mail: produccion[a]