High density balers for unsorted waste

This equipment is used to reduce the volume of waste to a density of 1000 kg/m3. The bales can be tied automatically, by means of wires or straps; bagged; or wrapped in film. DEISA has developed a high density baler for a working capacity of 5 tn/h, achieving bales of 400 and 600 kg.

The benefits obtained from the use of this equipment are:

– Extends the useful life of landfill cells.

– Improves landfill firmness.

– Reduces truck traffic.

– Reduces wind landslides.

– Keeps the work area clean.

– Facilitates vector control.

High density balers for large capacity unsorted waste

For higher capacities we have the representation of Harris Equipment, a world leader company in this type of baling.

Double compaction, with automatic tying by means of high resistance wire. First stage of main compaction in horizontal direction and second stage of transversal compaction against the lateral closing gate of the compaction chamber, combined with the expulsion of the compacted material towards the exit tunnel.

Approximate bale size: 1.2×0.8×1.5 m. Approximate weight 800 to 1200kg.

Cycle time (without loading) 30 seconds.

Hopper loading mouth: 1.6×2.4m.

Inlet to the loading chamber: 1×2 m.

Power: 75 HP. NEMA standard three-phase electric motor.

Automatic operation

Bale Finishing

Manual strapping

Automatic strapping


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