Modular systems for power generation from wood chips

CHP50 and CHP180 modular systems for the generation of thermal and electrical energy from the gasification of wood chips or pellets.

The process comprises the stages of conditioning and automatic feeding of biomass to the reactor, gasification in a downdraft reactor, gas conditioning (cooling and filtering), generation of electrical energy in a generator driven by an internal combustion engine, and generation of thermal energy in a heat exchanger.

In addition to electrical and thermal energy, the system generates coal (biochar) and a small amount of ash as by-products.

The first component of the system is a hopper with material feed threads to the gasifier.

The fed material is processed in a downdraft gasifier, where synthesis gas and biochar are produced. This gas is cooled and purified before feeding the generators.

After filtering and cooling, the syngas is fed to the electric generators, whose waste heat is used to generate hot water in the associated heat exchangers.

The performance of the modular systems is  as follows:

Gasifier process diagram