Plants for the classification and treatment of construction and demolition waste

The CDW treatment plants are sized according to the characteristics, needs and requirements of the processors.

With our experience we can indicate that all plants are different, requiring an important previous analysis in order to size the appropriate plant to meet the needs of the processors.

With its technical knowledge, technological innovation and proven experience, DEISA guarantees to provide you with a project that fits your needs, both in terms of technology and budget.

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Our CDW treatment plants guarantee a wide range of possible combinations of equipment that allow various alternatives in the treatment of CDW.

Vibratory feeders, trommel screens for mechanical separation of fines, belts and conveyors for the separation of materials (such as wood, plastics, metals, paper/cardboard, etc.), pneumatic separators, screens for the separation of materials according to the desired particle size are some of the equipment that make up our plants.

Our equipment is designed to withstand extra heavy duty service and according to CEMA international standards.


REUSE of construction waste.

RECYCLING of materials into new elements for construction.

RECOVERY of recyclable elements (paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, wood, etc.).

REDUCTION of storage spaces and final disposal.

INCREASE in the useful life of sanitary landfills.

ECONOMIC BENEFITS from the commercialization of materials.