Anaerobic Fluid Mix Biodigesters

Anaerobic digesters are custom-designed to meet the needs of each client in order to favor the activity of the microorganisms responsible for the digestion of organic material, optimizing the process of biogas production and stabilization of treated waste and effluents.

The plants include auxiliary components for feeding the incoming material and treatment of the processed material, biogas filtering and purification, generators, safety systems and automatic control.

The projects are delivered on a turnkey basis, assisting clients in the start-up phase and operator training.

With our experience we can indicate that all plants are different, requiring an important previous analysis in order to size the appropriate plant to meet the needs of the processors.

With its technical knowledge, technological innovation and proven experience, DEISA guarantees to provide you with a project that fits your needs, both in terms of technology and budget.

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Stabilization of biodegradable organic matter

Fuel production (alternative energy)

Generation of organic amendment

Can be applied to organic fractions of MSW, livestock waste, industrial waste, effluents or any type of biodegradable organic material